Chips and Biomass

Wood chips biomass
Woodchips and biomass

We are a source for SYP chips by container to locations around the world.

We currently purchase lumber from 5 different SYP sawmills in the mid-south region, all of which have clean chip facilities. Logs are debarked and chips are created from residual sawmill material. Clean chips are screened for bark and fines and walked into shipping containers where they are taken directly to the port or rail terminal.

Our sawmills daily produce multiple containers of SYP byproducts. These products include:

  • Clean pulp grade chips
  • Dirty biomass chips
  • SYP bark for mulch and topsoil operations
  • Dry pine shavings for animal bedding

For “dirty” pine chips in the biomass market, we can procure both whole tree chips, as well as sawmill residue chips mixed with bark and fines.

We can containerize and export these products for your needs. Contact us for your Clean chip or biomass chip needs!

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