Rough Sawn SYP Lumber

SYP rough sawn lumber
Prime and Better 25x200mm SYP rough sawn lumber

We specialize in SYP lumber rough sawn to full dimensions, and kiln dried for export. We also contract with various mills on custom cut programs, where we can produce unique dimensions to custom specifications.

The source of timber for our sawmills is a region of North Mississippi and Tennessee that grows more than 3x as much pine as is harvested every year. This untapped resource allows us to select large diameter, tight grain pine logs at reasonable prices.

We cut a high percentage of Saps and Prime grade lumber from these quality logs.


  • Saps: Clear lumber, no visible defects, no knots. No stain, no wane. Boars of essentially perfect visual composition.
  • Prime: Nearly perfect. These boards might have one or two small knots, as well as a slight pencil wane briefly along one edge.
  • Merch: A few more knots than Prime. Generally free of wane and stain.
  • Caribbean: Sound knots similar to #2 grade but with very limited stain and wane
  • Shop: Sound knots, wane, and stain ok.
  • Pallet: Major wane and some unsound knots. Usually sold green or HT rather than Kiln Dried.
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