SYP Logs

SYP log export
SYP logs

Mickey offers SYP logs in all sizes and grades. Sources and shipped from three locations: US East Coast (Charleston), US Gulf of Mexico (Mobile), and the Mid South rail terminal (Memphis). We offer the following grades:

  • Pulp grade (10-16cm) for softwood chips, fluff pulp production, MDF, and shavings applications.
  • Pallet grade (15-20cm) for sragg mills and small diameter pallet operations
  • Construction grade (20-50cm) Industry standard #2 construction grade logs for framing lumber, concrete forming, plywood, framestock, and many other uses
  • A Grade (30cm plus) High quality saw logs preferred for the plywood and construction industry. Usually butt cuts and natural grade timber. Limited knots and sweep.
  • Furniture Grade (40cm plus) Three side clear and four side clear natural grown timber. Usually 80+ years old. Used for clear lumber, furniture, and face veneer production

We offer in 5.9m and 11.8m lengths. As well as custom lengths for special programs.

We debark for the China market.

We do not ship to the EU due to excessive Phytosanitary Certificate requirements.

We do not fumigate.

Minimum order 10 x 40HC containers per BL; Minimum volume of 20 containers per month.

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